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Study abroad - About Seytour Educational Group
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About S.E.G.

When you say S.E.G. you thing about S.E.G. (Seytour Educational Group). Why do you think of S.E.G. and what is it?

S.E.G. is a part of Seytour International Corporation, a company which considers that education is the most important investment in a young person life, because it is the base on which you can build a harmonious life and full of success.

S.E.G. offers to all the students information, counseling and assistance for admission to prestigious educational institutions in Europe, Canada and USA, in a responsible manner, due to the fact that the management of this company had attended their studies at these Institutions, so they are a good example for this education.

S.E.G. was created as an alternative for Romanian education, as a practical way to see how dreams come true, to see that an elevated education is the key for a successful career and life.

S.E.G. team could help you with information about the educational institutions, advise you to choose the proper program for you, fill in the applications (forms, cv-s, cover letters, recommendations).

Also, all these services ARE FOR FREE! So I invite you to meet the S.E.G. team to see who you could become with a good education.

The list with the Institutions in the " studii strainatate " portfolio are (or represented by S.E.G.): HTMI (Hotel Tourism Management Institute), ACT (American college of Thessaloniki), Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, Cambridge Education Group, CATS College Canterbury, Stafford House School of English, New York Film Academy, Brooke House College, University College Birmingham, Leeds Metropolitan University, University of the Fraser Valley, American College of Cypru, London School of Business and Finance, Russell Royal School, University of California Irvine, Riga Stradins University, Queen Ethelburga’s College and Faculty and the two summer camps : Brooke House Study Holidays, Stafford House Holidays.

We would like to mention that S.E.G. keeps on permanently improving the portfolio of represented institutions. If you are looking for a specific institution and you cannot find it on the list we invite you to contact one of S.E.G. consultants.

The application process is one of S.E.G. responsibilities but the adventure of knowledge are the attributes of the students applying for these programs.

The application process is different from an institution to another and from one program to another. There are a few common elements listed below.

Choosing one institution/or program.

Preparing the folder that will contain: application form, cover letter, transcript/marks situation, baccalaureate degree/ bachelor degree/ school diploma, recommendation letter, extracurricular diplomas, English test (for example Toefl, Ielts, Cambridge).

The S.E.G. team will offer you all the necessary information to complete the application file in the shortest time.

If you cannot decide what program to apply to, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone and ask for help. You just need to tell us the institution/program that you have decided to attend not hesitate to contact us asking for S.E.G. support.

You will need to send us all the necessary papers for the application process and meanwhile if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you all the necessary information to complete your file and help you make your dream come true.

S.E.G. team will help you with all the necessary information from the moment you announce that you are willing to apply until you will leave for school, to help you make your dreams come true with a good education. Also we will support you all the way to arrive at the wanted institution.

The S.E.G. professionals will offer you information about every step in filling in the application process, we will review your file and we will send you feedback in order to improve it.

We will send your file to the chosen institution and we will wait for a quick answer to help you get to your dream. We are a side of the rainbow and at the end of the rainbow there is your dream, the treasure that waits you to discover it not forget that at the end of every rainbow there is a treasure – S.E.G. invites you and it offers you the opportunity to step into the adventure of your development and your success. You should dare to make your dream come true as we also had, because the good luck is always on the courageous people side.


Why S.E.G.?


  • Free consultancy to choose the university, the college or the right study programs.
  • Assistance in completing the application file so that you will be accepted at the University and the program you have wanted.
  • Assistance for the confirmation of your admission and booking accommodation for the study period. Assistance to get all the possible scholarships and loans available.
  • Pre – departure events where you will have the possibility to meet and discuss with the future students from your country before you leave for school.
  • Organizing group departures so as a member of the University will meet you at the airport.
  • If you choose to apply through us you have 99% chances to be accepted.


We recommend only licensed institutions that meet the QAA reports (Quality Assurance Agency), RAE (Research Assessment Exercise), EDUQUA (Quality Education Agency) and SQS(Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems.



Contact Info

+40 (21) 569 22 92
World Trade Center, Piata Montreal nr.10
Etaj 1, Birou 1, Bucuresti, Sector 1
Rm. Valcea
+40 (250) 746298 B-dul N. Balcescu, nr. 15
Rm. Valcea
+40 (250) 739323 Str. Calea lui Traian, nr. 135

For more informations please fill the S.E.G. form.

Completeaza formular Seytpur Educational Grpoup


Completeaza formular Seytpur Educational Grpoup


Why S.E.G. ?

Free Educational Consultancy
Assistance in preparing the application file
Assistance to confirm study place
"Pre-departure" events organization
Organizing group departures
We recommend only accredited educational institutions


The S.E.G. Story

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