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Study abroad - The S.E.G. Story
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Summer, heat and holiday dreams...but I am still in the middle of Bucharest. I stop and I cannot believe it....a brunette lady, wearing sunglasses has just grabbed may arm, she looks familiar to me… Naturally she is taking her glasses off and ...I finally recognize her. She is Clara, my desk mate from high school, my best friend, who at that moment has disappear from city, country and I really lost in touch with her…

- How long I haven`t seen you?

She hugs me and time has stopped. Together we are going to a terrace, like we used to do in high school, starting to talk about each other, to remind our past.

It`s worth hearing the next part of this story. She always wanted to be an artist, but it`s difficult in Romania, so she started asking around, a relative told her about NYFA program – Master of Fine Arts (MFA), and also about the bachelor programs (Associate of Fine Arts – AFA).

I looked amazed at my friend that she can get where the imagination has taken her for so may times.

A romanian has succeed to get where a lot of young people just dream about, where dreams come true. And she started to tell me more about that extraordinary opportunity.

I just couldn`t help myself saying WOW, thinking about the way she is stepping behind the most famous cinema and TV biggest stars. Anyway, she was telling me about this full of happiness and her face was shining, and I was in front of a dear friend who was telling me about a dream which came true.

She was so transformed because of this theory , her life became the art she wanted so much to know. What a challenge !! This is how life becomes art and art becomes life.

Their students come from across the United States and all over the world to learn and work together in short-term workshops or one and two-year degree programs. In the creation of our curricula, we worked with faculty and professionals from around the world. They adapted the best ideas and elements from the leading degree programs and designed intensive and accelerated alternatives that provide a thorough grounding in the craft.

What chance could you have close to all this personalities? It seems so exciting to me, but the schedule is so elaborated and for these specialists around the world were involved. NYFA is considered by the most famous producers to be the best practice school in movies in the whole world.

I felt like I was in another world and I started to dream of getting myself next to beloved artists, my imagination has taken me so far... Also my friend told me about the effort it takes to be up to their standards when you are in front of a great director or an actor. It`s not like going to a regular school and it is impossible for you to be poorly prepared. What a challenge for you to transform and improve yourself !


As I was telling you yesterday, meeting my friend, made me loose track of time.

We gathered around after a few years, as if it was yesterday when we were going to school. This made me realize once again that everything that comes from your heart is not going to vanish easily during the years.

- How did you find out about this opportunity ?

- My mom`s sister is living in Italy for a few years and, actually she is living in the North side close to the Switzerland border. She was preoccupied about her children education, so she looked for good schools to be sure that they will succeed in life.

Her oldest daughter, my cousin, has a passion for sport, but also for the industry of tourism. She studies at HTMI Institute, which is located in the beautiful ski resort Soerenberg, Kanton of Luzern..

My cousin has to have an excellent training so HTMI, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute has four centres for excellence.

Anyway, after finishing the school my cousin has already found a job as a manager at Hilton famous hotel chain. At this well-known hotel actors were coming and a few times I heard them talking about this school I am attending today.

I have continued to see my friend, my ex deskmate, who was in a terminal year at a prestigious Art Faculty in USA, and her stories or the stories she had lived were small scenes taken from successful movies.


How did she get there? She has started to tell me about her aunt from Italy who was interested in offering her daughters the best education for a good and successful living. My eldest cousin who had lived and studied in Switzerland, after finishing her studies, she got quickly a manager position at Hilton the famous hotel chain. My younger cousin, with her passion for art, just like me, has attended a school in England. She had to choose between more colleges, afterwards she has sent the list to me, also, but I have chosen to be completely nonconformist and to go to USA.


She had to choose between 3 superior Institutions: Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, Cambridge Educational Group and CATS College Canterbury. She told me it was very difficult for her and I will tell you why...



Did you guess what University did she choose?

If you are not saying anything...I will continue my story, because as much as I get into the heart of the story, this becomes more and more interesting and I manage to find out new interesting places.

But…as you could assume, from this beautiful story it could not miss the love part. My friend could not help of telling me about her younger cousin, who has started to study in England at CSVPA, because of her passion for art, and USA seems to be far away for her. We will not tell you names because the mystery is the best way to tell my story.

Her youngest cousin took part into a students play at another well-known university in England, named Stafford House School of English. You will not believe this, but one of the students participating at this cultural exchange between the universities, is a young Romanian, the son of a famous personality in Romania. Being both Romanians, happy to speak the same language, they liked each other and Cupid has accomplished another victory. He has started to tell her about the lovely place where he was studying, maybe...


Even though the description seems to be attractive, my friend's cousin has decided to go for arts, so she suggested to move to Cambridge. They broke up two students in love, but the summer holiday was very close…she will be in Italy and him in Romania...his parents were thinking about a solution. So the solution was not far away: Stafford House Holidays.

He discovered this and both have decided to let their parents know that during the summer they will be working and attending the summer courses. They have announced their families so they could be together all summer long, studying and working at the same time. Happily they let their parents know about their plans, being sure that they could not refuse their plans.




And the story continues because my friend, has her love story also, which has taken her to what she became today. From a little tight-hair girl she became a styled, sophisticated and seductive woman. Being an intelligent, educated and well-grown person it was not very difficult for her to succeed.

Another hot summer day walking in the park and I feel like I am taking part in a movie script . Love opens the hearts and the sky ...and truly friendship opens the souls.

Let me tell you how I manage to attend this school, this dream came true aunt from Italy offered me, as a gift, a summer camp to Brooke Study Holidays...



So I have told you some things about the places I have been, now I will tell you how it was ….I was involved in those activities when...our eyes met. He had some brilliant brown eyes and as soon as I have seen him he made me shy. It feels like magic everytime we see eachother. We just could not help ourselves feeling lost and looking down. After a while he started to sit next to me and began to talk. He was Greek and he was studying at The American College of Thessaloniki, but surprisingly he also wanted to attend the courses of the New York Academy.


So we have found ourselves in the Balkan hot spirit, with common dreams and aspirations. The time stopped in the brightness of his brown eyes and we could barely touch the ground. Now I could understand my younger cousin who have told me about her summer camp in England. Ah… these international summer camps… places where love is in the air, you can study, you can have fun and later you come back at school with more enthusiasm, higher expectations, and a powerful willingness to succeed. You can realize that the stake for New York Academy was greater now.




He was a Cyprus Greek and his parents had moved in USA not long time ago, so he had the chance to choose his way to step forwards. He had left his love in Cyprus and he was oscillating between coming back to Cyprus and attending the courses of American College of Cyprus.



Of course he chose, we both did and... we are colleagues, and our love has grown and developed since we met... even with all the thunderstorms between us , our love has always won and... we wish to be together forever. Hmm... this is the way I have noticed a huge transformation to my friend- love, culture, spirit,art…



Going back to our story... the young and already famous professor was thrilled about my aunt work and he kept on saying only good things. She was overwhelmed and obviously intimidated. Insistently, he suggested to work together on scientific themes, and he asked her to have dinner the same day, after completing the second day of Congress. And here... Cupid has done his job, and at the end of that evening they were already in love.

The Congress lasted for 5 days and after those days he insisted on coming to Romania to meet her parents. And ...after another adventures and a fascinating love story, here they are today happily married, working and doing research together, with the two grown-up beautiful kids, my two cousins. It looks incredible how my aunt love story lasted and kept untouched for years. When you look at them you can feel the love between them...not the same as in the first day but at least like in the second day. It is fascinating to join them.You can tell they are two great spirits with good education. The love, education and culture have always work together very good.

That is why, my aunt is so attentive in choosing universities . She knows something......



I was thinking what an incredible family and how lucky she is. What an exceptional destiny!

As if she was reading my mind, my friend continued ...I told you that my elder cousin has graduated the Faculty in Switzerland and she is already working as a manger at one of the Hilton Hotels. Her mother, my aunt thought of completing her education by attending the courses of a master in Business and Finance and this should happen at a well-known institution in London because she is working there now.


Indeed, my cousin agreed with the excellent idea of my aunt who...was the leader of her family. As you know a woman can push you up or pull you down… and a well educated woman could elevate you, like my aunt, elevate all the ambiance around her.

Far from all the movie stars, she is my life idol.


So my cousin initiated a cooperation with this University, because in the hotel industry you need qualified, responsible people in order to attract and get loyal quality customers. People very well trained, impeccable services, high quality, which means guaranteed success. Success cannot be obtained unless there is a good training and education, at least this is what I heard from my aunt.



My elder cousin thought about her employers kids but also about some scholarships for Romania and, indeed, about another valuable institution in London Royal Russell School.

As you can see my aunt education is reflected on the way her daughters live their lives and guide the people around them. I quote my aunt who was saying that “ a good quality education and an elevated cultural environment are the keys for a successful living , the rest is the hand of God.”

And talking about love, let`s go back to my friend and her elder cousin, who has her love story also. Seeing my friend is like getting in a magical world of art and beauty, but she told me that behind this success there is a lot of work and a lot of sacrifices…this reminds me of what Einstein was saying - Genius means 99 % sweat and 1% inspiration!

There is another lovely hot summer and a walk in a park is a real bless. We are walking, talking, sharing. Her iphone is like a little library full of pictures, telling images to give life to her stories.

My elder cousin, from London, had had a secret love, and then she wanted to fill her time off with an interesting activity after she broke up. I believe this is the best way to cure and find something good, because if you start a relation immediately can have a huge disappointment. She just confessed me that she felt in love, unexpectedly with a sportsman. I could not help myself saying WOW!!

At the hotel where she is working checked in, recently, or relatively recently , a rugby team and their leader came in her office for check-in. The moment he stepped in her office and they saw each other, something magical happened and a story started. They discussed about the check-in formalities and changed phone contacts. They said hello but there was something left unspoken. My cousin was astonished because he was the first man who has touched her soul after such a long time. After 2 weeks she went to Leeds Metropolitan University because she needed some specialists for the hotel SPA she is working at. Surprisingly, at the entrance of the University she can see the sportsman who made the heart bit so fast. Their faces lit up and she told him her requests and he started to tell her about the University and its programs of study.


After he presented the University he was thinking how he could help her, he asked her out, where he confessed that he was thinking about her, night and day, after seeing her. He didn`t have courage to do anything but here we are ...the destiny helped them, like all the love stories. My cousin was astonished and very happy, because she was intelligent and had a good sense of humor.



The thing that she kept in her mind was that he was born and finished school in Robin Hood land. In the same circumstances he told her about the school he has graduated successfully and he would recommend with all his heart, to all the parents, who wish their kids lives to be as adventurous as the one of Robin Hood.


And a love story started between them, and he as an important survivor of Robin Hood proved to be full of courage and love, to compete with the difficult character of my elder cousin. I do not know many details about their relationship but they are happy and they are getting married soon.


I felt like day dreaming since I started seeing my good friend. I started looking over the map and imagining, but....nothing was really clear. What was clear...was an email from my ex boyfriend, he was informing me that he left with his parents in Canada and he will continue his studies there. University of the Fraser Valley


At the end of the email, he was asking me if I don’t consider going there for my studies....because he still loves me and would like to be together there, as it is very nice and great conditions for studies. What do you think about this coincidence ? Now I really have to think it I leave you for a moment.



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